쿼리에서 에러가 났습니다.
쿼리문 select count(distinct nr.no) from (`netk_member` as nm join `netk_member_company` as nmc ) right join (`netk_realty_extend` as nre join `netk_realty_service` as nrs join `netk_realty` as nr) on (nm.`uid`=nr.`uid` and nmc.`uid`=nr.`uid` ) where (nrs.`pno`=nre.`pno` and nre.`pno`=nr.`no` and nrs.`pno`=nr.`no` ) and (nrs.`realty1_3`='limit' or nrs.`realty1_3`>='2018-04-24') and (replace(nr.`subject`, ' ', '') like '%吏긽沅%' or replace(nre.`content`, ' ', '') like '%吏긽沅%' or nr.`no`='-10000' ) and nr.`view`='yes' and (nr.`alert`!='yes' or nr.`alert` is null)
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